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Developed by:
Registered Office: Mouza – Parui, J.L. No 3, and Mouza – Chakjotshibrampur, J.L. No. 25, Holding No – E3-398, Ward No. 14 (New) Behala, P.S. Maheshtala, Maheshtala Municipality, Kolkata – 700 141.

A Limited Liability Partnership between:

BENGAL GREENFIELD HOUSING DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED (BGHDCL), A Joint sector Company with West Bengal Housing Board having its Registered Office at Hi Tech Chambers, 7th Floor, 84/1B, Topsia Road(South), Kolkata – 700 046.


SRIJAN REALTY PRIVATE LIMITED (SRPL), a Company registered under the Companies Act,1956 having its registered office at 36/1A, Elgin Road, Kolkata – 700020 by virtue of an Agreement dated 25th September 2006 between BGHDCL and SRPL.

1. Project Details

Name :
GREENFIELD CITY – PHASE V – HIRA/P/SOU/2020/000845 | hira.wb.gov.in

Developer / Builder:
Registered Office: Mouza – Parui, J.L. No 3, and Mouza – Chakjotshibrampur, J.L. No. 25, Holding No – E3-398, Ward No. 14 (New) Behala, P.S. Maheshtala, Maheshtala Municipality, Kolkata – 700 141.

A Limited Liability Partnership between
BENGAL GREENFIELD HOUSING DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED (BGHDCL). A Joint sector Company with West Bengal Housing Board having it’s Registered Office at Hi Tech Chambers, 7th Floor, 84/1B, Topsia Road, (South), Kolkata – 700 046.


SRIJAN REALTY PRIVATE LIMITED (SRPL), a Company registered under the Companies Act, 1956 and therefore a Company within the meaning of the companies Act 2013 having its registered office at 36/1A, Elgin Road, Kolkata – 700 020 by virtue of a Partnership Deed dated 16.01.2010 between BGHDCL and SRPL.

STC is relating to the Application and allotment of Flats in tower “C” type in Greenfield City at Behala, Kolkata at present out of the above, 2 nos tower of CLASSIC PREMIUM “C” type (G+12 storied being tower no 34 to 35) each comprising of six 3 BHK and two 2 BHK flats in each floor ( with and without terrace).

Particulars Height Units
Total number of flats in Classic Premium G+12 574
Number of flats in Classic Premium now offered G+12 192

The Complex shall have 4 independent segments, viz (i) Residential with two Clubs, (ii) Shopping/Commercial, (iii) Provision for School with Crèche, and (iv) Provision for Health Care Clinic which may be changed and varied as per the decision of Builder.

2. Who can apply?

A.  A person of the age of majority (in case of minor represented by legal guardian) and an Indian citizen resident in India, whose gross monthly family income (including that of the Joint Applicant, if any) should not be more than Rs. 80,000 per month. To be eligible, the applicants must enclose the following documentary evidence of his/her income:

i) For those employed: Copy of the latest Salary Certificate duly stamped and signed by the employer.
ii) For self-employed who are Income Tax payers: Documentary evidence of the gross income along with Income-tax return for Financial Year 2019-20.
iii) For self-employed non-income taxpayer applicant(s): Certificate of income from the head of the Local Government Authority or its Chief Executive Officer.

For pension holders: Copy of pension Pass Book or Bank Pension Statement or Pension Certificate in Original duly signed and stamped by the authorized officer of the bank or employer showing evidence of receipt of pension for the month prior to the month of application.

In determining the Gross Monthly Income of the applicant(s), the decision of Builder shall be final and binding.

B. Joint application by up to two persons only is permitted. Provided both applicants are from the same family.
C. Only one application per applicant(s) will be entertained.
D. Builder, however, at their discretion can relax any of the conditions as mentioned herein above without assigning any reason.
E. For the purpose of this STC the word “Family” shall mean and include spouse dependent parents and dependent children. In determining the ‘Monthly Family Income’ the decision of the Company shall be final and binding.

3. Application Procedure

A. A person intending to acquire a flat will have to apply in the prescribed APPLICATION FORM contained in the Brochure.

B. The completed application form is to be submitted together with an At Par/local cheque, Bank Draft or a pay order drawn in favour of “Greenfield City LLP Escrow A/C” payable at Kolkata for the amount of application money as shown in the provisional PRICE & PAYMENT SCHEDULE hereafter.

C. The completed APPLICATION FORM duly filled and signed by the applicant(s) along with the At Par/Local Cheque, Bank Draft/Pay order, the Pay-in-Slip contained in the Application Kit for the purpose and documentary evidence of gross annual income should be submitted at any of the following offices from 15th January 2021 to 28th February 2021 between 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. The Builder however reserve the right to close the offer of sale at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever:

1) Srijan Realty Pvt Ltd, 36/1A Elgin Road, Kolkata – 700 020.
2) Project Site Office at – Greenfield City, Mouza – Parui, J.L. No 3, and Mouza – Chakjotshibrampur, J.L. No. 25, Holding No – E3-398, Behala, P.S. Maheshtala, Maheshtala Municipality, Kolkata – 700 141.
3) Online download and submission of forms at Greenfield City official website (www.greenfieldcity.com)

i) The Builder will acknowledge receipt of the bank draft/pay order by signing and returning the applicant’s copy of such Pay-In-Slip
and for online submission a confirmation email will be sent.
ii) The receipted counterfoil of the Pay-In-Slip or the email sent online may be treated as acknowledgement of the receipt of
application money as well as the Application Form.
iii) There will be no other acknowledgement.

Outstation applicants, desiring to send filled in applications by post, may do so but only to the Builder’s office. The Builder will send the Applicant’s Copy of the Pay-In-Slip by registered post. Otherwise, one may mail the Application form to his/her relative/friend/associate in Kolkata, who can deposit the same in person at any of the Offices of the Builder and collect the Pay-In-Slip.

4. Allotment Procedure

A. The flats will be allotted based on draw of lots to be held for the purpose within 15 days from the date of lottery. The detailed procedure of the said draw of lots will be intimated in due course.

B. Two towers consisting of 192 Units is being offered for allotment.

C. Preference for any particular flat/block will not be entertained.

D. The expression ‘Allotment’ wherever used shall mean provisional allotment and will remain so till such time a formal deed of transfer is executed and registered by the Builder in favour of the Allottees.

E. Allotment is subject to payment of the stipulated amount and subsequent confirmation by Builder.

F. Builder reserve the right to dispose off the flats without draw of lots of any category remaining unallotted after the lottery as they deem fit at provisional Prices which will be subject to revision.

G. The Allottees opting for transfer of their allotted flats can transfer their respective flat only after 1 (one) year from the date of their Provisional allotment after paying applicable transfer fees.

H. As the Right to use Car Parking Spaces are integral amenities to the flats, Allottees shall not be entitled to transfer and/or deal with the same independent of the Flat.

5. Scrutiny, Rejection and Refunds

A. Application remaining incomplete or deficient in any respect and/or not accompanied by the required remittance and/or relevant documentary evidence will be liable to be rejected. Applications containing information known to the applicant as false are liable to be summarily rejected and application/booking shall stand cancelled whenever so detected at any point of time even if allotment has been made. Upon such cancellation, the installments paid will be refunded after deduction of applicable service charges.

B. Application money received from the applicant who are ultimately unsuccessful in the draw of lots will be refunded without interest. Such Cheque for refund shall be dispatched within 30 days from the date of the draw of lots, by registered post to the address for correspondence given in the Application Form.

6. Withdrawal of Application/Cancellation Charges

A. Before Allotment: Applicants may withdraw application money before the draw of lots for allotment and may get refund of the application money without any deduction of any charges with in one month of receipt of such request from the Applicant in writing.

B. After Allotment: After being successful in the draw of lots and getting allotment, but before the possession of flats is made over deduction of a service charge upto 10% of the total consideration amount. Such refund will be made after selling the Flat to the new Allottee.

7. Price & Payment Schedule

The sale price indicated in the Brochure is applicable strictly to those who apply and get the allotment on the basis of first advertisements made and lottery held accordingly. For any allotment made afterwards for whatsoever reason, the sale price may not remain the same and the price as approved by the Builder will be applied.

A. Payment Plan: The Price of the Unit will be Rs 3500/- (Rupees Three thousand five hundred only) per square feet of the Standard Built Up/Saleable area of the Unit and payable as provided in PAYMENT SCHEDULE in Annexure – A.

B. Other than the Price of the Flat/Unit the Allottees will be required to pay Extra charges and Deposits as per the details contained in Annexure – B hereunder.

8. Unit Area

A. Carpet Area of the Unit: The net usable floor area of an unit, excluding the area covered by the external walls, areas under services shafts, exclusive balcony or verandah area and exclusive open terrace area, but includes the area covered by the internal partition walls of the apartment.

B. Built-up area of the Unit: The area of the unit to be allotted and shall include, inter alia the area of covered balcony attached thereto and also thickness of the outer walls, internal walls, columns pillars therein provided that if any wall column or pillar being common between two units then half of the area under such wall, column or pillar hall be included in each such unit to be certified by the Architects. The built up area is settled and agreed to be 23% less than Standard Built-up area/Chargeable Area, which shall not be questioned by the Allotee whether the same be little more or less on actual measurement.

C. Standard Built-up area of the Unit: Any Apartment comprises of its entire carpet area, area of all internal walls, columns, all external walls, columns (common walls between any two units shall be considered half-width), proportionate share of all common spaces outside the unit but within the building viz., stair, lift lobby, corridor etc/floor, stair lift lobby, entrance lobby at ground floor, lift machine room, stair mumty room at roof, common service areas like electrical & pump room, caretakers’ room and toilet, proportionate share of all the common utility & facility area outside the building but within the complex viz., facility management office and store, community hall, electrical sub-stations, generator shed, gate ghoomty etc. (As per Circular of West Bengal Housing Board vide Memo No. 581/FA/HB dated 05.04.2016 issued against Ref no. 447(9)/FA/HB dated

9. Car/Two Wheeler Parking Spaces

A. Only the Applicants who have been allotted Apartments and have also applied for right to use Parking space (car and/or two wheeler) will be entitled for separate draw of lots for this purpose. Such Allottees, simultaneously with payment of their allotment money for the Units, shall also be required to pay application money for the parking space.

B. There will be three categories of Parking spaces namely Covered, Open and Covered Dependent. The Unit Owners who apply for one category of Parking and fail to get allotment will have option to opt for other category of parking.

C. The price for each covered car park is Rs. 4,00,000 (Rs Four Lac only) each Open/Dependent Covered Car Parking space is Rs.
2,75,000/- (Rupees Two Lac Seventy Five Thousand only) and price of each Two Wheeler parking space is Rs. 25,000/- (Rupees
Twenty Five Thousand only), respectively.

10. Extra Charges & Deposits

Other than the Price of the Flat/Unit the Allottees will be required to pay Extra charges and Deposits as per the details contained in
Annexure – B hereunder.

11. Delay in Payment of Installments and/or Other dues

It shall be incumbent on the allottee(s) to comply with the terms of payment in respect of the flat, user right in car parking and/or two wheeler parking space and any other sums payable under the terms herein. In case payment is delayed, the allottee(s) shall have to pay interest on the amount due @ 18% per annum upto 60 days of delay from the respective due dates. Delay in payment of installments and all other dues beyond 60 days from the respective due dates shall not be condoned. In case of such delay, the allotment may be cancelled. In case of such cancellation Builder shall deduct applicable service charge and the allottees shall have no right and or lien on the flat. Total deposit or installments paid by the allottee will be refunded without any interest and after deduction of the applicable service charge.

12. Possession

Builder shall endeavour to give possession of the flat(s) to the allottee(s) as uploaded in WB.HIRA. However, if Builder fails to give the delivery by the committed time period (except due to force majeure), the allottee(s) will be paid compensation as mentioned hereinafter. Force majeure shall, inter alia include non-availability or irregular availability of essential inputs, strike by contractors/construction agencies employed/to be employed, litigation, acts of God or such other reasons beyond the control of Builder.

13. Compensation for Delay in Possession

A. If Builder fails to deliver possession of the flats to the allottees within the stipulated time (subject to force majeure as stated herein above), it shall pay compensation to the allottees for each flat effective from the schedule date of completion, till the actual handing over of the flat at the prevailing Fixed Deposit rate of State Bank Of India.

B. The allottee(s) shall be deemed to have taken possession of their respective flats on the 15th day of service of notice by Builder calling upon the allottee(s) to take possession and such 15th day shall be deemed to be the ‘date of possession’ irrespective of the date when the allottee(s) take physical possession of their respective flats. The allottee(s) shall be required to take possession of their respective flat(s) on the ‘date of possession’ after complying with the terms and conditions.

14. Nomination of Flats

The allottee(s) opting for payment under Installment Payment Plan shall not be normally eligible to alienate and/or nominate (in full or in part)their interests in the allotted flats until full payment of all installments and interest due thereon, if any, is made to Builder except in deserving cases solely at the discretion of Builder. However, transfer/alienation would be permitted in case full payment has been made by the allottee after payment of Nomination Fees. However, no nomination will be permitted within one year from the date of provisional allotment under all schemes.

15. Nomination Fee

No alienation of interest of any nature whatsoever shall be permitted and recognized by Builder for the purpose of any Deed of Transfer except upon payment of a nomination fee amounting to 3% (Three percent) of the agreed consideration. Transfers made after Builder have transferred/conveyed the flat(s) in favour of the allottee(s) shall not be governed by these provisions.

16. Documentation

A. The allottees of the flats will have to form a registered Flat Owners’ Association under the provision of the West Bengal Apartment Ownership Act 1972 and its subsequent amendments from time to time, for taking over charge of the management and maintenance of common areas and facilities of individual blocks. Such an association is to be formed only with prior permission of the Holding Organisation. The association will frame by-laws for management and maintenance of the above mentioned common areas and facilities, under the aforesaid act and subsequent amendments from time to time and the same shall be binding upon all the Allottees.

B. The Deed of Transfer of all the flats within the complex shall be executed and registered by Builder after completion of the Flats and receipt of full consideration and all other dues from the respective Allottee. The deed of transfer will be drafted by the Solicitors/Advocates of Builder and shall be in such form and contain such particulars as may be approved by Builder.

17. Common Areas and Facilities

Till such time the maintenance and management of the common areas and facilities is handed over to the Apartment Owners’ Association, the same shall be undertaken by Builder on payment of such maintenance and other charges, as may be decided by Builder and also in terms of the Rules to be framed by Builder.

18. General

A. It is understood that the applicant has applied for allotment of a residential flat with full knowledge and subject to all the laws/notifications and rules applicable to this area in general, and group housing project in particular, which have been understood by him/her. It is further understood that the applicant has fully satisfied himself/herself about the interest and the title of Builder in the said land on which the flats will be/are being constructed.

B. The layout and building plans, specifications of the building(s)/complex and the flat(s) are tentative and are subject to variation. Builder may affect such variations, additions, alterations, deletions and/or modifications therein as they may, at their sole discretion deem appropriate and fit or as may be directed by any competent authority. The Price of the flat/Unit changing on account of any increase or decrease in the/Chargeable area of the flat/Unit shall be payable or refundable without interest at the rate per sq. ft. as mentioned in the allotment letter.

C. Complaints, if any, regarding specifications, fittings and fixtures, etc., provided in the flats will be required to be brought to the notice of Builder within 15 days of notice of possession of the flat. Builder will not be responsible for any damage caused to the flats on account of delay in taking over possession and in such event, the allottees will have to take possession of the flats on “as is where is” basis.

D. Water supply will be made available from deep tube wells till such time the local authority Water Supply Scheme is developed. After handing over of the common areas and facilities of the project, the concerned association shall make necessary correspondence with the concerned Local Authority for getting water supply connection from the Local Authority Water Supply Scheme as and when developed.

E. Arrangement for disposal of the sanitary, sewerage and storm water will be made to the nearest off- sight facility as per the permission granted by local authority.

F. Internal wiring for electrification will be provided for each flat. However, the allottee(s) will have to apply to CESC Ltd. individually for obtaining supply of power and the meter for their respective flats. The allottee(s) shall be required to pay the applicable security deposit and/or other charges for the same to CESC Ltd.

G. The allottee(s) may be required to execute, if necessary, a formal agreement for sale in such form as may be prescribed by Builder within 15 days of being required in writing to do so by Builder. Under the existing laws the stamp duty at the applicable rate is leviable on such agreement for sale. Such stamp duty shall be payable wholly and exclusively by the allottee(s).

H. The applicant shall not be entitled to get the name of his/her nominee(s) substituted in his/her place except on the terms as indicated elsewhere in this Standard Terms and Conditions.

I. After deemed delivery of possession i.e the 15th day following Notice of Possession of the flat as stated in clause 12 hereinabove, the allottee shall be liable to pay to Builder on demand all rates, taxes, levies, deposits pertaining to the flat wholly and common areas proportionately.

J. Application in the prescribed form as contained in the brochure is subject to STC stated herein and also in other parts of the brochure including all the documents/inserts which are contained in and form part of the brochure.

K. All correspondence will be made with applicants at the address for correspondence on Builder’s record initially indicated in the application form, unless changed. Any change of address will have to be notified in writing to Builder at its Registered Office and acknowledgement obtained for such change. In case there are joint allottees, all communication shall be sent by Builder to the allottee whose name appears first and which shall for all purposes be considered as served on both the allottees.

L. The applicants must quote the application number as printed in the acknowledged Pay-in-Slip and/or CIN (on allotment) and their flat number as indicated in the allotment letter, in all future correspondence.

M. The allottee of a flat agrees to sign and execute all documents and agreement in the standard form as may be provided by Builder.

N. Dispute(s), if any, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of courts of law at Kolkata only.

O. Builder, however, may at their sole discretion, relax any of the conditions. They also reserve the right to reject any application without assigning any reason whatsoever.



Block No Floors Unit Type Carpet Area of Flats (Sq.ft) Built-Up Area of Flats (Sq.ft) Standard Built-Up/Chargeable areaof Flats (Sq.ft) Terrace area(Sq.ft)50% Chargeable Base Price per(sq.ft.) on SBU/Chargeable area
34 & 35
1st Floor B,G 615 698 906 116 Rs 3500
2nd – 12th Floor C,F 733 825 1071 116 Rs 3500
B,G 615 698 906 -</td Rs 3500
C,F 733 825 1071 Rs 3500
A,D,E,H 751 841 1092 Rs 3500

Cost of Car/two wheeler Parking Space shall be payable along with the cost of the Flat/Unit. Extra Charges and Deposits shall be payable as stated
The consideration for granting the right to use the Parking Spaces is stated below:

Parking space Consideration (Rs) Application Money payable on allotment of Unit (Rs)
Covered 4,00,000 25,000
Dependent covered 2,75,000 20,000
Open 2,75,000 20,000
Two wheeler 25,000 5,000


On Application/EOI Rs 50,000/- + GST
On Issue of Booking Letter ( Less Expression of Interest) 10% + GST
On Agreement 10% + GST
On Completion of Ground floor Slab 7.5% + GST
On Completion of Second floor Slab Casting 7.5% + GST
On Completion of Fourth floor Slab Casting 7.5% + GST
On Completion of Sixth floor Slab Casting 7.5% + GST
On Completion of Eigth floor Slab Casting 7.5% + GST
On Completion of Tenth floor Slab Casting 7.5% + GST
On Completion of Tenth floor Slab Casting 7.5% + GST
On Completion of Brick Work of the Unit 7.5% + GST
On Completion of Plaster of the Unit 7.5% + GST
On Completion of flooring of the Unit 10% + GST
On Completion & possession of the Building 10% + GST